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Family Support Centers

What is a Family Support Center?

A Family Support Center (FSC) is a facility where families and students can go to get school supplies, food, clothing, or other services (varying by site). Currently, we have one site in Kanawha County, one in Lincoln County at Big Ugly Community Center, and our Logan County Family Support Center.

Kanawha Dreamers Family Support Center

For Kanawha County, our Family Support Center is located at 1401 4th Ave, Charleston, WV 25387


If you live in the area, please come by and see our wide range of benefits and programs!

For Lincoln County, we have the wonderful Big Ugly Community Center. Functioning as the only community building in Big Ugly, the birthplace of Step By Step WV offers a great many services for students and families in the area. Stop by and see for yourself!

Big Ugly Community Center

Our Logan Family Support Center located at 214 Dingess Street in Logan is officially open!

We offer several services to families in the area. Check out our Facebook page or read on to learn more!

Logan Family Support Center

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