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Helping Partner Programs

Step by Step is a small nonprofit, but whenever we can, we always help other organizations that also help disadvantaged WV communities and families.

Since 1995, Step by Step has helped 15 community organizations get started, expand, start new projects or get over rough spots: providing staff help, fiscal sponsorship and/or management help.


As a VISTA/AmeriCorps hub, Step by Step has helped an additional 10 organizations get rolling, by assigning VISTA or AmeriCorps workers to help them with work that fits into Step by Step goals. 

What does sponsorship entail?

As a sponsor, Step by Step provides fiscal support, liability insurance and the oversight of our staff and Board of Directors. At the same time, we recognize the advisory groups of the sponsored organization as the leads in charting the future of their organization.

Currently, we sponsor 4 organizations:

WV Foster & Adoptive Kinship Network

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The West Virginia Foster & Adoptive Kinship Network mobilizes foster and adoptive parents to come to the legislature and make their voices heard. In this case, it was a bill that would have privatized important foster care functions.

What is this?

The organization was created in early 2019 to build a statewide network of foster, adoptive, and kinship families so they could speak in a collective voice.

WV families typically have not been at the table when important policy and program decisions were made in the past. The network will give families a platform and a collective voice, so they can work together and be heard on issues related to foster care and adoption.


Working together, parents can support and advocate for our kids much more effectively.

Want to get involved?

Please check out the Facebook or send an email to Marissa Sanders at

Institute for Geri Olympics and Active Living

These folks provide recreation workshops for seniors, particularly those who live in nursing homes. They also sponsor an annual statewide competition in South



The 30-year old program has

inspired similar initiatives in Scotland

and the Czech republic.

Want to get involved?

Contact Ted Muilenburg at


The Lighthouse Project

Volunteers gather stories of survivors of abuse and other trauma for healing, peer support and community witness. Lighthouse presents at conferences, the legislature, and within community programs. 

Want to get involved?

Contact Michael Tierney at (304) 941-3280

Financial Literacy Boot-Camp


Just what the name says! Literacy education to prepare students to function well with their finances after (and maybe before) they leave school. The Boot-Camp and the following months give students practical skills in handling and growing money, mortgages, homes, and other investments.

Want to get involved?

Contact Mavery Davis at

Over the years, Step by Step helped start:

Lincoln County Family Resource Center

Lincoln County Counseling Project (get real name)


Family Leadership First

Lincoln County Girls Resiliancy Program

Concord Student Literacy Corps

The West Virginia Activist Archives

Bonner Scholars Program, Concord College

Lincoln County Starting Points Center

Lincoln County Energy Express

Families Leading Change

Step by Step VISTAs and AmeriCorps volunteers helped these groups keep going:


Try This West Virginia

Cafe Appalachia

Childrens Health Insurance Program

Rock Lake Community Center

United Methodist Community Development Outreach

Ministries  (CDOM)

Southern Appalachian Labor School

East End Family Enrichment Center

ABLE Families (Mingo County)

Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center

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