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Arts, Literacy & Culture

Fueling Education, Growth, and Creativity.

Every year, Step by Step donates tens of thousands of books to home libraries. We maintain lender book sets that introduce kids to different cultures and help them learn their own Appalachian history and culture.


Books sent out in Lewisburg, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Boone County, and Lincoln County
from 2020-2021.
Ask and Wonder Song

At the annual songwriting days at Big Ugly, students wrote this song with help from Mira Stanley and Chuck Costa.

The week-long study of the WV Mine Wars at Chapmanville Middle afterschool is a great example of the cultural studies Step by Step fosters.

Here, the kids present a program at Family Night.

Learning Diversity

At Step by Step, our literacy and culture program highlights various topics in a wide variety. Each month is themed around a specific topic, or person. Here are some examples:

Katherine Johnson & Resilience, Heroes Month, Fantasy Month, etc.

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