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Cooking from a distance’ promotes after school programs

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – ‘Step by Step West Virginia’ has 13 after school sites in Logan, Lincoln, and Kanawha counties. In Kanawha county, they’re getting ready for their annual “lights on after school event.”

However, it will look differently this year due to the pandemic. This year’s annual lights on after school is going virtual, and calling it, ‘cooking from a distance.’

Double batch chicken pot pie: That’s what was for dinner Tuesday night, for families who are a part of the ‘Step by Step West Virginia’ after school programs in our region.

“We want to have those mentors, we want to share those experiences, there is no better way to share experiences than with after-school programming.” MAYOR AMY GOODWIN, CHARLESTON WV

Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin taught tonight’s cooking class to promote the importance of after school programs. But she also emphasizes that doing even small things brings a sense of togetherness to the community.

“If every single person in the city of Charleston Just gave one hour.. One hour of their time to our communities we would all make such a monumental difference.” MAYOR AMY GOODWIN, CHARLESTON WV

Step by Step West Virginia Operations Director Michael Farmer says they’re using cooking from a distance as an opportunity. He says, “We care about after school, we care about our families and we want to be able to provide an opportunity where we could show families that they can continue to engage with each other while they’re at home.”

Kneading the community together; one ingredient at a time.

“Our families and the city of Charleston have gone through so much in the past year, it doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take a lot of money, to be able to get back to where we need to be, center-focused on our health and our families, and our community, and the love that we share for one another.” MAYOR AMY GOODWIN, CHARLESTON WV
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