Kanawha Dreamers Family Resource Center

What is KDFRC?

Our Kanawha Dreamers West Side Family Resource Center is a new & growing resource located on the west side of Charleston in Kanawha County, WV. 


How has KDFRC functioned through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Throughout the COVID pandemic, we were able to use the FRC as a hub to gather learning and activity resources to distribute to families across Charleston, along with daily meals and snacks. 


What is the FRC Teen Center?

As the COVID pandemic has slowed, we have been able to open our Teen Center. Our Teen Center is open 8:30-5:30 Monday-Thursday, and operates as a space where students can get help with homework and schoolwork, access tutors, participate in other fun activities, and just have a safe space to be themselves, learn, & grow. We consider this space critical following the past year of intense social isolation that many students experienced. We have over 40 students enrolled, and average 10-15 students on a daily basis. 


As the COVID pandemic slowly comes to an end, we will continue to offer fun and engaging events for both kids and families. Throughout the pandemic we have been hosting our Chefs in the City event monthly, where students join local leaders, including Mayor Goodwin and the Charleston Fire Department, to cook together and share home cooked meals and recipes. These events are live streamed on our Facebook page.


Our KD FRC is also currently partnering with Risen City Church on developing a foster closet to serve foster families in the Kanawha Valley, as well as a food pantry.


We routinely have donation drives for school supplies, clothing, food, and hygiene products.


How can I help?

If you would like to get involved, please keep an eye out for future volunteer opportunities. At this time, we are not seeking volunteers until the COVID emergency becomes less worrisome for our families and staff. We are always taking donations of snacks for our students, school supplies, and items for foster families. 


Learn more...

To learn more about FRC, please email Quinten Burton at qburton@stepbystepwv.org

or check out their Facebook page!